Bring in 2020 refreshed!

Can you believe it’s already February? The winter weather has made things a bit slow and soggy around LaVis Farm, but the soap season is getting underway this week!

The soap shop is busy with current inventory counts and supply lists while the new website is opening. I’ve been gathering my notes chuck full of ideas for new soap recipes.

The first batch of the season will be the Oatmeal & Creme Goat Milk Soap. It’s the #1 customer favorite and is currently sold out.

Each of my soap recipes is made in small batches that weigh three to four pounds per batch. Each batch averages 40 to 50 bars of soap and takes several weeks to cure.

Out of stock items are marked with an asterisk * in the shop.
Once rebatched, this and other soaps will be ready in a few weeks! 😀

oatmeal creme
Oatmeal & Creme