What's Batch'n in the Soap Shop?

Winter will soon pass

How are YOU? As the weather whips around us in a frenzy, remember to take time to relax and revitalize yourself.

Perhaps a cozy spot in a favorite chair with a hot mug of herbal tea will do while gazing out a nearby window. Even a walk along a water’s edge watching the hustle and bustle of nature’s waterways will help boost your mood.

No matter how you do it, be sure to work in moments of self-restoration to keep you ready for the day!

The shop will soon be in full swing in March batching soaps, rolling bath fizzies, and testing recipes for a lotion bar; a new item to the shop.

In the meantime, consider a few handmade crochet heirloom items for gift giving. Do stop by often as the soap shop is buzzing again to help celebrate Spring on March 20th!

Take care & be safe!

Much love, LaDonna


Mood lifting mint to the rescue!

New to the shop is a mood-lifting peppermint bath fizzie to get your spirits up and smiling. Mmm…it’s so refreshing!

Many customers have asked about certain soaps returning to the shop. Like other sellers, a few items have been stalled to restock due to a supply order delay. As soon as the ingredients can be retrieved, the soaps will be batched and return to the shop.

December is finally here and soon 2021 can bring us new hopes and a new outlook.

Take care & be healthy!

Much Love, LaDonna

Springing in the Soaps!

It’s been a hard spring so far…so hard to stay sad when there are lots of fur and feather baby animals to love and natural soaps to make. I cannot be more thankful for the blessings each day brings on LaVis Farm here in Southeast Missouri!

The soap shop is busily batching and curing soaps for you to enjoy. Soaps take at least four weeks to cure before they are shipped with your order. As they age, soaps get better making a harder, longer-lasting bar for your tub and shower needs.

If you find a soap that has been neglected for a year, it may have lost its essential oil scent a bit, but those properties remain for your skin to enjoy! Often, a refresh in the shower will bring out the inner oil scents trapped in the soap, although not as strong as a bar that is less than a year old. But the lather and creaminess will be at their best and most enjoyable!

Do let me know if you wish to see a natural scent or pamper item added to the shop. While we are working to restock items that have become favorites to many, I do enjoy the adventures of new recipes to try.

So, let’s look at 2021 as a year of new adventures with many turns and paths to navigate and much enjoyment to find!

Be Blessed & Be Thankful!

Much love, LaDonna


What a year to stay home and snuggle in!

How’s your fall going? While this year has been a struggle for each of us, keeping yourself recharged and relaxed can help you stay on top.

shop for fresh goat milk soaps and gift items

It’s been a while, due to renovating the shop, so I’m back in the shop this week to whip up fresh batches of goat milk soaps; some old faves and a few new. I may even add a video link so you can watch the process!

Coming to the shop are some creative handcrafted crochet and gift items for holiday shopping ideas.

Thank you for stopping in and supporting my small business!

Much Love, LaDonna

Back to the soap shop!

Hello from the soap shop!

The current COVID-19 Pandemic has been stressful for everyone and many small businesses. Leafseeker Consulting is among them. Because of the severity of the virus, I took precautions for your wellbeing and did not produce any soaps over the past couple of months. Missouri’s Stay At Home Order expired as of May 4th but my family will remain at home and diligent when outside the home. My family has remained healthy by staying on the farm with social distancing, avoiding unnecessary contact with others, and choosing uncrowded business or limited interaction options when out and about.

With this in mind, I am returning to the soap shop the week of May 11th to restock many loved goat milk soaps and new items to the shop. I will also be adding genealogical courses to the offerings. Plus, our personal soap stash has been dwindling! 🙂

Out of stock goat milk soaps will be tagged in their description with projected restocking dates depending on their curing rate and available supplies. Your purchases will be double boxed (shipping box & inner gift box) and mailed from our rural post office that has not been affected by the crisis.

Thank you so much for your support and I wish you and yours good health & patience as we continue to navigate this journey!


Take care,
LaDonna G.
Leafseeker Consulting