Assorted Bath Fizzies


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Assorted Bath Fizzies (Bath Bombs)

Bath fizzies with a touch of hand-picked flower petals add that extra pamper to the bath. Try pairing our bath fizzies with our goat milk soaps for a fun yet truly relaxing and moisturizing tub experience.

Each fizzie includes hand-gathered and dried flower petals/blossoms or natural oatmeal. Scents available:

– G’Rose
– Huckle Dandy
– Triple Blossom — Try our Triple Blossom Goat Milk Soap!
– Sooth’n Oats

• All natural…preservative, petroleum & chemical free.
• Weight is hand-crafted approx. pre-cure weight.

Simply moisturizing, gentle on my sensitive skin without the bad stuff. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I have sensitive, allergenic skin and could not find an all natural, non-irritating soaps and other beauty products. So I made my own and enjoy sharing them with you!

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, Epson salt, cornstarch, ground & whole oatmeal, organic coconut oil, dried flower petals (dandelion, peach blossoms, wild violets, essential oils (ylang ylang, palmarosa, lavender, geranium rose, lemongrass, honeysuckle)

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We are currently in the process of producing & curing additional soaps and other beauty products.

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